On March 13, 2019, the Central Bohemian Region took part in the MIPIM trade fair in France with the participation of a number of important guests and with great public interest. MIPIM is Europe’s largest real estate and investment opportunity showcase.

The Central Bohemian Region is a creative region focused on innovation and promising high-tech fields. From the perspective of domestic and foreign investors, the Central Bohemian Region has long been one of the most attractive regions of the Czech Republic.

The concept of the Central Bohemian Exhibition at MIPIM refers to the unique cultural and architectural heritage and the unique development potential of the region. In addition to a wide range of investment opportunities, the Central Bohemian Region also presents the project of the international laser center ELI Beamlines, which holds the prestigious MIPIM AWARDS award.

3350 exhibitors from more than a hundred countries around the world participate in the fair, with over 26,000 visitors. There will be 5400 investors at MIPIN for the thirtieth year.

Source text and photo: Central Bohemia Region a© V. DESJARDINS – IMAGE & CO