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We support the development and collaboration of research capacities at global level. We ensure their interconnection with international scientific communities, and we take care of sustainability and self-sufficiency in the future. We create better conditions for greater interconnection of research activities in the region towards companies and the needs of society. We can effectively commercialize research results and raise funds to run centers from the private sector.

Doc. Jan Brábek

Head of Tumor Cell Invasiveness Laboratory, BIOCEV

“Our laboratory focuses on the molecular and cellular mechanisms of tumor cell invasiveness and plasticity, and we have made some major discoveries in this area. Recently, we have defined and declared a new category of anticancer agents aimed at inhibiting invasiveness and metastasis – migrastatic.”

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Welcome Office

We provide assistance services to foreign scientists and their families when they come to a new environment.


We organize events designed not only for STAR cluster members, but also for those interested in developing an innovative environment in the region.

Tech transfer

We are able to commercialize research results effectively and gain more financial resources to run STAR centers.