Věslav Michalik

Physicist, Scientist, Financial Analyst, Later as Executive Director and Member of the Board. Since 2004, he has been the mayor of Dolní Břežany, since 2012 he has been the representative of the Central Bohemian Region and also the Chairman of the STAR Management Board. In the function of the mayor of Dolní Břežany, he managed to change the functioning of the community serving only for housing, into a full-fledged and well-functioning village.

And how do they see the region’s future in the next 10 years?

Dolní Břežany is one of the main engines of the STAR region. Dolní Břežany is a place that STAR region should offer facilities in the form of shops, restaurants and service providers. A place to offer quality office or commercial space. And also a place with attractive housing and good connections to Prague. In addition to the presence of scientific and research organizations, a technologically advanced region is also a concentration of technology companies. This is still missing and the municipality can contribute by offering suitable areas for their establishment and active marketing.

I imagine that last year, the title of the Most Attractive Region of the Czech Republic, the Most Attractive Region of the Czech Republic, will be transformed into the most technologically advanced region of the Czech Republic. At that time, ELI will be responsible for the Nobel Prize in Physics. There will be dozens of biomedical companies around Biocev, as well as laser-based companies established around laser institutes. Dolní Břežany will have a direct connection to the D metro station. A primary school in Banžany will be one of the best science-oriented schools in the country. In short, the concentration of smart and smart people, private and public money, and advanced technology. All this in a high-quality architectural environment and around the beautiful countryside. In other words, the high-tech region STAR.