People and life


One foot in the Czech capital, the other in the beautiful countryside on the banks of the Vltava. Fast connection to the airport and future connection to the Prague metro. STAR offers not only state-of-the-art technology in research centers and top companies, but also first-class services, accommodation, educational institutions, sports and social activities, and, last but not least, a tranquil life.

Pavel Stopka


“I live with my family in Dolní Břežany, where a modern architectural character is combined with an open and kind company that I like to be part of. Working at BIOCEV is a great pleasure for me, because excellence of leading Czech institutes of the Academy of Sciences and two faculties of Charles University meet here. With European funds and grant agencies, we are working in state-of-the-art equipment of our kind, so we are able to produce results comparable to those of others.”




We care for a growing number of talented, creative and highly educated people in STAR. Research centers, technology companies and other institutions create quality jobs. Here you will find an offer of vacancies.

Welcome Office

We provide assistance services to foreign scientists and their families when they come to a new environment. We advise on communication with authorities on how to find suitable accommodation or social life.

Life in STAR

Overview of social and cultural events. Gastronomic experiences and sports activities. Things to do in the region, offering trips to history and the future. We are a strong community of enthusiastic local residents.